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– The shelves in two of the cabinets adjust to three different height settings.
– A side features a towel rack and the other a spice stand.
– With four wheels, you can quickly move the kitchen island cart from a spot to another if you need to open up space or rearrange.
– Engineered wood material.
– Product Dimensions: 17.75″D x 43.25″W x 35″H; 90 Pounds


  1. Madison

    I have limited storage space in my kitchen but a lot of floor space. I knew I needed and island and this one seemed perfect.The instructions weren’t the most detailed/ clear. This did make it harder and took more time to put together (roughly 3 hours). However, I was able to figure it out.This item isn’t the sturdiest but doesn’t seem to cause issues overall. For the price I would say it’s well worth it.I like the fact that it comes with wheels so I can easily move it out of my way when I am not using it. Compared to similar products I used in the past, I highly recommend. I don’t believe you would regret buying this Island.

  2. MKPelican

    Quality: 4.9Ease of assembly: 4.5Understandable instructions: 4.6Finished product: 5.0As a machinist, I can easily spot earmarks of worn out tooling. There were no apparent signs to be found with this cart. When it comes to dowel fittings, there’s four classifications ranging from “loose fit” to “resistance fit.”The kit I received, all dowel fittings were loose fit. A tiny dab of wood glue is all that should be needed to take up the slack.Attach the cabinet door handles last, after everything else is complete. The reason being: is that you want the cart perfectly square before attaching the back board. The very last two steps of the instructions need to be modified. Don’t attach the doors or the back board until things are squared. With the cart laying front-face down, place the cabinet doors (minus the handles) inside and shim the doors so all gaps are even, BEFORE attaching the back board.In my case, I had an empty beer can magazine handy which I scissored up to create about 4 dozen shims.. Once all gaps were even, I attached the back board, set the cart upright and fixed the cabinet doors in place. Then I attached the cabinet handles.SIDENOTE: Of course I followed the instructions to the tee, and found I needed to backtrack to get everything looking perfect. TAKE YOUR TIME! Square it up before finishing. And consider a dab of glue. I have zero doubt this cart will not survive decades of normal use.

  3. Jack SusinJack Susin

    We needed a dining table/storage cabinet for our townhome which has a very small dining area in the kitchen. Item arrived on time and in good condition. Opened the box and inventoried parts, nothing missing, and nothing broken. Assembly took just over an hour to complete. All parts fit together nicely, and alignment was perfect. I used glue on all of the pegs and screws for the cabinet but not on the spice rack and towel bar. It looked pretty good but there is always room for improvement. First, we removed the spice rack and towel bar. Filled in the holes with wood puddy and sanded the filler smooth. Took part of the towel rack down to the hardware store (Ace) and had them match the paint color. Had to buy a quart but the color was a perfect match. Painted over the filler and the patches disappeared. Next, we increased the height of the island which was 33 inches. We added some 2.5-inch wooden pumpkin feet (bought on Amazon) which increased it to 35.5 inches. The final big change was to the top of the island. The original measurement were 35.5 inches wide by 15.75 inches deep. Bought a 2 ft by 4 ft pine board to make a new tabletop. Cut 2.5 inches off each corner to make an octagon shape and finished the edges with baseboard molding. Sanded it down and finished it with 2 coats of Minwax Colonial Maple stain and 3 coats of clear polyacrylic. Attached the new top with1 inch L brackets on the sides and four screws through the original top into the new top from inside the cabinet, no glue so the top can be removed if need be. The dimensions of the new top are 49 inched wide and 25 inches deep, plenty of room for 4 people. One final touch was replacing the plastic door/drawer handles with brushed nickel metal handles. All in all, the original Island was of good quality and manufacturing and the price was excellent. Highly recommended.

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